Polar Bear Club vs. Eating Contests

Polar Bear Club vs. Eating Contests
Besides being a fantastic fucking interview, this was the most fun I've had at a show in a long, long time. Polar Bear Club are probably the most exciting and genuine band to have played Hot Water Music-y sounding post-hardcore since... Hot Water Music. And the fact that they're not afraid to launch into a super-heavy breakdown while name-checking Third Eye Blind in interviews just makes their passion and total lack of ulterior motive that much clearer. These are all dudes with careers and non-band commitments, so when they say they're just doing this to have a good time, you know they're serious. And every band says that. And most of them don't mean it.

After finding the band downstairs at Sneaky Dee's, they were dragged into the alley behind the venue for this interview, which, when you've only got two tiny MiniDV cameras and a Zellers karaoke microphone, kind of makes you feel like you're about to kill a bunch of dudes. It should be noted that Polar Bear Club aren't comprised of seven guys; their merch guy and friend came outside, too. I've got to say, I never thought a seven-person interview could really translate on camera, but hey, we're all obviously awesome. It might be a little hard to tell from this thoroughly stupid take on the act of competitive consumption, but seriously, we had a great little chat in that alley, and the video of that portion of the night will be up here Wednesday.

After packing up the cameras, we stuck around and talked a bunch of shit about the terms of success in punk rock and hardcore, and what selling out means in a modern, media-saturated culture. It was a seriously great conversation, and it's almost too bad it wasn't taped. But that probably would have ruined it. Then they played, it was incredible, I lost my mind, and I went home happy.

Check out a full interview with Polar Bear Club here on Wednesday.

Polar Bear Club "Our Ballads / Resent and Resistance"