Market Square, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 13

PoirierMarket Square, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 13
A seamless transition from DJ Applecat to Poirier kicked the Montreal native's set off at Market Square. While a staple in the Canadian electronic scene, an early set time saw a less than deserved turnout for a DJ known for eclectic sets rife with world music, and with a focus on soca. Only a handful of tracks in, Poirier had moved from electro to techno and made a seamless transition to hip-hop laced with thick bass. An abrupt shift to a soca mash-up layered with grime undertones pulled the crowd from the overhead balconies to the front stage for a proper view of the show.

He seemed to hit a lag midway through, the interest and energy hitting a plateau, the diversity Poirier is know for in his sets waning significantly. After the dip, a sloppy transition into gritty electro thickened the crowd, and an unexpected drift into dancehall restored the momentary flub. Poirier rounded out the set with D&B that flipped back into soca, but the entirety was, if anything, a touch underwhelming.

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