Pluxus Solid State

Despite Pluxus being around for over a decade, Solid State may as well be their debut. Back around 2004, the Swedish trio unplugged, reset and renounced the cuddly electro pop wares that had only garnered them indifference over the years. And then came Solid State, an album that has none of the kiddie tendencies of the band’s youth and lays out some of the warmest, most innovative minimal techno around. The record was self- released back in 2006 but Kompakt got wise to what Pluxus put down, signed its first "band” and re-released Solid State in all its modulated glory. For 40 blissful minutes, Pluxus painstakingly weave synthetic and non-synthetic elements into moody, headphone-catered soundscapes, picking up on an eclectic mass of reference points with hints of Aphex Twin IDM, Lindstrom’s spaced-out headiness, crackling Matmos glitches and even a bit of Morricone. It all stands tall alongside Kompakt’s best, rivalling cornerstone albums like the Field’s From Here We Go Sublime and Pantha du Prince’s This Bliss. It also may be just the thing to give Pluxus some credit where credit’s due. (Kompakt)