+/- Holding Patterns

While no one’s too sure what’s going on with Versus, we can all rest safe in the knowledge that James Buluyut’s "other” band, +/-, are alive and well. Proof lies in the group’s new five-song EP, Holding Patterns, which stays heavily rooted in quality college rock but earns honours for well-studied — and placed — electro-smatterings. You’re sure to hear the droning "I’ve Been Lost” and "Trapped Under Ice Floes” blast out of dorm room windows like thick clouds of bong smoke, and "You’ve Just Got it All” will, no doubt, seep from just about every campus kids’ headphones this year. Even after the dog bites you hard, guitarist Patrick Ramos soothes your head and guts on the gorgeous closer, "Making the Horse Drink,” helping you get over those frosh-week, two-dollar shooter night regrets. (TeenBeat)