Plump DJs A Plump Night Out

With a mix of original tracks and a few remixes, the Plump DJs have crafted an excellent album of bouncing breakbeat party music. Appearing out of nowhere late last year, the Plumps (Lee Rous and Andy Gardner) quickly made a name for themselves with original tracks, like the devastating "Scram" (included) and their remixes, notably of Stakker's "Humanoid," the 1988 old-school techno-breaks classic (not included, sadly). Here, they present a 13-track mix filled with thumping, mid-paced breakbeats, house-shaking bass lines and other percussive tricks, without succumbing to any cheesy sensations. The album contains a good deal of variety, from the electro-tinged "Electric Disco" to their metallic reworking of BT's "Smartbomb." In the end, this is a true breakbeat party album, with nary a noodle of jazz or a whiff of jungle to be found. (Nettwerk)