Plump DJs Headthrash

The breaks scene has stagnated in recent years and this album does little to lift that cloud. Despite some excellent standout tracks from one (technically two) of the genre’s ambassadors, there is very little that has progressed from years gone by and musically the album is stuck in the rut. Starting extremely promisingly, with massive, growling single "System Addict,” featuring an addictive vocal hook, and leading into a funky big beat number called "Shifting Gears,” with a fat, wobbling bass line, it transitions all too abruptly into the crass "Snake Eyes” and obnoxious vocal track "He Got Beef.” "Theme X” is barely noticeable, while the break from "S.N.A.F.U.” sounds like a watered down version of "Smack My Bitch Up.” Some of the last few tracks, such as "Victim” and "Rocket Soul,” raise the bar back up but the damage is done by that stage and they don’t do enough to salvage an unrewarding album. (Finger Lickin')