PLS (Park-Like Setting) Craftsmen

The addition of third rapper Yy to the previous duo of mcenroe and John Smith was a brilliant decision that brings just a little bit more of the quirky (and nasal) to Park-Like Setting. PLS are still working the concepts, with songs that compare rap artists to "Craftsmen” and the independent label to the hockey-style "Small Market Team,” but they also get playful with the Karate Kid lesson of "Wax On, Wax Off,” eschew the pleasures of independence on "The Boss of Me,” and rock a "standard posse cut” with Pip Skid, Gruf, Satchill Paige, Evil, Birdapres and Cadence Weapon. As usual, mcenroe constructs an album’s worth of intricate instrumentals with smooth instruments and sounds nailed down by crisp drum beats. Along with his typical use of pianos, violins and flutes, mcenroe brings out a lot more unusual sounds this time around, using creepy vocal sighs on "Craftsmen,” subtle steel drums on "The Boss of Me,” and Asian-influences for "DFA.” It’s beyond me why more rappers aren’t bugging this guy for production. Also, for those keeping track, Craftsmen contains the latest instalment of P&C Cribs for Yy. (Peanuts & Corn)