A Plea for Purging A Critique of Mind and Thought

You can’t throw a stone without hitting a God-inspired metal act lately, but if faith in an omniscient power is going to inspire five good old boys from Tennessee to make an album full of high-end guitar work, who are we to complain? Initially A Critique of Mind and Thought could be a two-step hardcore album but that impression is quickly dismissed when guitarists Blake Martin and Lyle Paschal deliver high-pitched, interchanging metal riffs that gush Iron Maiden. Maybe it’s that influence that gives this record a nostalgic aura, which doesn’t sound as polished as some newcomers. The pace in "The Resurrection of The Beast” and "A Hymn of Praise” shows their ability to brush against the boundaries of thrash. A Plea for Purging’s guitar duo are ablaze in these songs, with hammer-on battles and synchronised guitar solos that ascend to metal harmony. The final third of this album portrays more breakdowns, giving the impression they could be another metalcore act, but that notion as well is dismissed. An acoustic guitar playing over top of a circular drumbeat in the verse of "Death Has Been Swallowed Up In Victory” possesses a definite throwback Metallica feel and the best guitar work and solo of the album are found here. A must hear if you’re a little overwhelmed by all the metalcore acts going around. (Facedown)