Playgroup/Various Reproductions

Graphic designer, musicmaker, label chief and remixer extraordinaire Trevor Jackson, returns with a collection of reworked new wave and electro tracks to heat up the dance floor. Reworking tracks by the likes of Radio 4, Chicks on Speed, the Rapture and Chromeo into driving house anthems, Reproductions, marks Playgroup’s return to the electronic music scene since the 2002 hit DJ Kicks mix. As is with most new wave and electro records, the most interesting stuff is the reworks of ’80s gems like Soft Cell’s "Monoculture” and Yello’s "Soul on Ice.” Otherwise, the record fails to create anything absolutely outstanding or deplorable. Trevor Jackson has yet to change his formula for remixing and creating overly accessible music that rocked the party two years ago. With a steady heart rate that makes no serious attempts at really getting down, Reproductions neither makes you want to jump up and dance or jump up and change the music. (Peacefrog)