Play PS3 with the Most Serene Republic

Play PS3 with the Most Serene Republic
Remember when the Lonely Island invited you to join them for some Xbox 360 earlier this week? Well, if you're Xbox-less and Playstation 3 is your console of choice, Ontario-based prog pop group the Most Serene Republic have put another offer on the table by posting all of their PS3 user names on their MySpace blog and inviting you to join them online.

Guitarist Nicholas Greaves invited fans to post their usernames on the blog, revealing four of theirs. His is "themostnickever," second guitarist Sean Woolven's is "footlong09," pianist Ryan Lenssen's is "AwesomeKing" and bassist Simon Lukasewich's is "SemyonPetlyura."

That the band decided to invite their fans to play PS3 with them is somewhat ironic, as a long-winded
2007 interview with Lenssen suggested that the band had concerns about the public's growing dependency on technology, saying things like, "the internet is right there. I can read the histories and biographies of the most important people in this world, and at any given time I can expand my knowledge and horizons faster than any other time in the history of the world. But I think that's what's really destroyed us because for centuries, certain pockets of the world, the intellectual alumni, have strived to make this information easily accessible for everyone everywhere. But now that it is, nobody cares. Nobody's doing anything with it...They're okay with communication without body language or the other aspects of communication. We're completely misunderstanding each other, and extending adolescence much further than it should be."

The Most Serene Republic are currently at work on their follow-up to 2007's