Plate Six Operation: Chair Sit

Operation: Chair Sit opens with intricate melodies and rhythms, along with excellently abrasive vocals, creating an impressive introduction to Plate Six’s multifaceted brand of music. On "Joe Schience to Earth,” tempos repeatedly speed up and slow down with adeptness, creating ever-changing but lulling melodies. Much to their credit, Birmingham’s Plate Six shift repeatedly from window rattling discordance to meticulous tunefulness. "Floating Digits” presents expertly intertwined instrumentation that leisurely resonates, and the mathematically precise structure of "Automaton” is balanced by unrestrained vocals. The band’s charged cover of PJ Harvey’s "Reeling” concludes in a wild torrent of feedback and fractured rhythms. Overall, Operation: Chair Sit successfully covers a range of dynamic ground. (Bent Rail Foundation)