Plastic Noise Experience Noised

This is not exactly a new release for the German duo of Claus Kruze and Stephan Kalwa, with 12 of 18 tracks serving as an overhauled version of their Rauschen record (the first time around must have been a practice). Creating songs that play upon the harsh metallic percussions of traditional industrial music, PNE are a dark and catchy digital experience. Tracks such as "In Your Mind” and "City of Lies” are especially reminiscent of a detached and metallic music experience. Unfortunately this release also has a tendency to veer towards tedium. The far too repetitive "Digital Noise” and the more recent "1001” almost taunt you to hit the skip button midway through the song. The duo do include a great cover version of Motörhead’s "Hellraiser III” and offers a great electro-atmospheric track with "Propagated Beat,” which means that overall, these guys hit more than they miss. With this disc standing as their last album as a duo, it will be interesting to see what Kruze will offer in his future solo PNE projects. (Van Richter)