Plastic Constellations We Got the Movement

This band sounds like what would happen if RFTC challenged Pavement to a wrestling match, though with seven songs plus change it seems to be much more than an EP. The songwriting, in a post-Slint indie vein, is sophisticated with interesting time changes, melodic vocals and the requisite heavy stiff to rock you out in a most pleasing manner. The PCs also manage to sound like they're having a great time playing, which is something a lot of bands lose when the honeymoon of playing together wears off. Considering their relative youth against their apparent talent, if these guys continue to have fun and like each other they will grow into a formidable force. The kind of band a more boated major-manicured act fears in the opening slot of a show - the PCs would blow them away as easily as target practise on a beached whale. (Independent)