Plaster First Aid Kit

The premise for Plaster’s music is simple: fun electronic music played live with samplers, synths and a drum kit — and it actually manages to work. The quirky xylophone polka of "Would You…?” just about holds together by means of some strange sounds and some weird scat-mumbling. "Swing Baby” is the gem of the album with an electro walking bass and screeching trumpets from some jazz club 100 years from now. A few of the tracks are slow and lumbering with droning bass lines, but generally the bass bounces cheekily, the beats are quick and spiky and the rest of the composition sounds as jazzy as it does random. When they succeed in getting the groove right (and they usually do), Plaster create some electro infused funk with the right balance of energy and soul to make it a real pleasure to listen to. (Avalanche)