Plasma Blast Plasma Blast

In only 12 minutes, Plasma Blast will have you with their Sex Pistols barrage of glam punk (glunk?) tuneage to raid the cosmetics counter for the latest in water resistant eyeliner. While “Jett” does smudge like cheap mascara after a period, the remaining three songs are worthy of the Toilet Boys or at the very least label mates Sharpkid. Marcus Ireland’s sneering Johnny Rotten vocals on “Kola” stick out like an erection in PVC pants. Their own musical skills are highlighted for “Could’ve,” which is slower and more rock based than the first two songs. Feel free to wank along to the scorching metallic guitar solos. The shouts are awesome, with Ireland yelping “Escape from the Planet of the Apes” over and over. Good glam is part self parody and Plasma Blast’s burlesque buffoonery are as shiny as my PVC pants. (Fading Ways)