Plant Life The Return of Jack Splash

If you’re looking for a record that faithfully follows the paths of classic funk and soul artists to the point of unfaltering precision this is not a record for you. The Plant Life, a four member band from LA, positively revel in eschewing the popular approach to producing retro soul and funk so gleefully it’s hard to not get roped in to their irresistible vibe. Headed by Jack Splash’s untamed vocals and idealistic lover boy tendencies, the group revels in its sloppy freeform style and somehow manages make their forays into uptight funk, quiet storm asides and relentless grooves wildly successful. It helps that most of these tracks, clocking in on average about three minutes each, don’t hang around long enough for you to get tired of them and leave you wanting more. Chief offenders in this category include the beatific "When She Smiles She Lights The Sky” and the riff-riddled "We Can Get High.” The lyrics are often unapologetically simple, frivolous and cheesy, and the singing technically dubious yet stifling self-consciousness is nowhere to be found. It’s this inherent freedom that makes this record such a refreshing and enjoyable experience. (Counterflow/Studio)