Planingtorock Announces DFA Debut

Planingtorock Announces DFA Debut
Aside from the time she spent helping the Knife with their Darwinian opera, electronic artist Janine Rostron (aka Planningtorock) has been hunkered down in her Berlin-area studio for the last three years, laying down tracks for what will become her new album. It seems the fruits of her labour have finally ripened, as the musician has announced the album's release.

A press release states that W, her debut for the celebrated DFA label, was recorded almost entirely by Rostron, though Icelandic musician Hjörleifur Jónsson and LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney are credited with performing some percussion, which was later manipulated by Rostron in the studio. The 12-song affair is poised to pump up fans of the Knife with its haunting melodies, throbbing electro pulse and Rostron's enigmatic moanings. Of her voice, Rostron will manipulate the sound to suit whichever song in the best possible way.

"I'm really not precious about my voice," she said in a statement. "I do love powerful, beautiful voices, but on a creative level, you can do so much with your voice and I loved pulling it around on this record. I mean, on 'Doorway,' it's my inner trannie singing that one."

W will be released on May 16 in the UK. You can check out the tracklisting below. While there, you can also check out the creepy new video for album opener "Doorway," in which Rostron sports some serious nose prosthetics while crooning all low and manly.


1. "Doorway"

2. "The One"

3. "Going Wrong"

4. "Manifesto"

5. "I Am Your Man"

6. "The Breaks"

7. "Living It Out"

8. "Milky Blau"

9. "Jam"

10. "Black Thunder"

11. "Janine"

12. "9"

DOORWAY from planningtorock on Vimeo.