Planetary Assault Systems

The Eyes Themselves

Planetary Assault SystemsThe Eyes Themselves
Luke Slater releasing an EP on his impeccable Mote Evolver imprint is becoming almost a yearly ritual. Having put out all kinds of deep and thick DJ tools from a handpicked group of artists, the label's focus now returns to him. On The Eyes Themselves, the classic, thick-sounding techno that has become a familiar refrain for Luke Slater's Planetary Assault Systems moniker prevails. Right from the start, knotty, driving threads of sound weave their way into these deep and hypnotic compositions.
Title track "The Eyes Themselves" is a clattering and slightly unhinged number that shudders its way through a solid chunk of dense sound. There is much to chew on, but it's one of the less exciting tracks on the EP. "Strange Attractor," on the other hand, takes a more minimal approach and adds a synth line that never relents, even as the subtle drum work rises to the fore. The B-side is graced by arguably the highlight of the EP: "Arc." Here, Slater pairs a thick and fast bass-heavy chassis with that bitingly distorted high-end shimmer to great effect.
All told, The Eyes Themselves is hardly a set of instant classics, but it's another solid EP of techno-flavoured tracks that share a dance floor-friendly lineage and maintain a distinct enough character to keep things interesting throughout. (Mote-Evolver)
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