Planes Mistaken For Stars We Ride to Fight

Why, Planes? It’s like when you’re dating someone and they break up with you and then you see them a few weeks later and they look so good and you’re like, "Why, Planes?” One of Denver’s finest called it quits earlier this year and this 24-track collection pulls together everything from the band’s first four years, except Fuck with Fire, which is still relatively available. Any fan of the band who was late to the party, or has long since lost their copy of Knife in the Marathon, would do well to pick this up, as would any curious listeners looking to check out the early stages of one of the most aggressive and original bands to ever be erroneously labelled "emo.” Yeah, it’s probably the name. But they were heavy, they were inspired and they were original. And "Copper and Stars” is one of the best songs ever. (No Idea)