Placebo Reveal New Album Details

Placebo Reveal New Album Details
Following a freshly inked deal with the [PIAS] Group, UK alt-rockers Placebo are now ready to debut their forthcoming new album. Dubbed Battle for the Sun, the group's sixth full-length is due out on June 8 in the UK, marking the Londoners first non-EMI effort and their first album proper since 2006's Meds.

While speaking about the new record, Placebo front-man Brian Molko said: "I believe Battle to be the first of our albums to tell a story over the course of its 52 minutes. Our previous releases were really only collections of songs and even though the songs are ordered according to the musical flow, I hope that if you listen hard enough to the words that some kind of discernible thematic unity will begin to emerge."

You can currently get a taste of Battle over at Placebo's website, where you can download the record's title track for the price of an email address. At the website, you can also order a limited edition box set version of the album, which comes as two hardback books and includes a pile of extra add-on features. In the first book, you get a CD version of the album with two exclusive bonus tracks, a second CD full of live tracks, a DVD of an entire December 2008 live show at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, another DVD featuring a Battle making-of film, and finally a 32-page photo book. The second book contains a vinyl version of the new album, plus 16 pages of handwritten lyrics and studio photos, and a poster. Oh, and if you're into collecting rock stars' signatures, the first 500 orders will be autographed by the Placebo guys.

Here's what the tracklisting looks like for the regular edition of Battle for the Sun:

1. "Kitty Litter"
2. "Ashtray Heart"
3. "Battle for the Sun"
4. "For What It's Worth"
5. "Devil in the Details"
6. "Bright Lights"
7. "Speak in Tongues"
8. "The Never-Ending Why"
9. "Julien"
10. "Happy You're Gone"
11. "Breathe Underwater"
12. "Come Undone"
13. "Kings of Medicine"