P.J. Olsson Words For Living

Beck is now regarded as a true innovator - every album is greeted with oohs, aahs and critical acclaim. And his influence is felt all over the place, with many newer artists having their names spoken in the same sentence as the mighty Mr. Hansen, and that's exactly what is happening to P.J. Olsson with his major label debut, Words For Living. In fact, one track ("Dandelion") is co-written with the guy who co-wrote Beck's breakthrough hit, "Loser," so it almost seems that the comparisons are actually being invited. The lyrics Olsson pens himself resemble a stream of consciousness rather than anything coherent - don't expect something that makes a whole lot of sense. The music has an everything but the kitchen sink feel to it; there is a lot going on in every song, a lot of which is probably superfluous. Most songs follow a typical formula without straying too much although - there are also the token ballads, which turn out to be some of the stronger tracks. He's the poor man's Beck, and while there's nobody else trying to corner the slacker hip-hop blues market, he might just have a chance. (Columbia)