PJ Harvey Selling Lyric Sheets to New LP

PJ Harvey Selling Lyric Sheets to New LP
Though the official arrival of PJ Harvey's next album is up in the air, the UK singer-songwriter has put a package of lyric sheets for songs tracked during recent public recording sessions up for sale, in case you wanted to brush up on the material ahead of time.

London's Somerset House are now selling PJ Harvey: Recording in Progress, which contains reproductions of eight lyric sheets Harvey wrote during her January/February art installation of the same name.

According to the product listing, "these unique lyric sheets were reproduced to illustrate how the process of songwriting entails numerous drafts." Titles include "Sight Seeing South of the River," "Medicinals," "The Children," "The Ministry of Social Affaires," "The Revolving Wheel," "Imagine This," "River Anacostia" and "UNHCR."

As previously reported, the project had Harvey and her band, as well as producers Flood and John Parish, on display for visitors of Somerset House as they put together the LP. Interested parties could watch the creative process from one side of one-way glass,

"I hope visitors will be able to experience the flow and energy of the recording process," Harvey had said ahead of time.

It's unknown when the album will be released, and if it will be called Recording in Progress or something different. The LP will be first since Harvey's Mercury Prize-winning 2011 collection, Let England Shake.