PJ Harvey "Written on the Forehead"

PJ Harvey "Written on the Forehead"
As promised, PJ Harvey premiered a new track from her upcoming album, Let England Shake, today (November 30) and is it ever glorious. While the set's title cut took liberties with "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," this new sun-soaked single, dubbed "Written on the Forehead," just might sample a song as well.

The track kicks off with some watery guitar-chord strums and Harvey, using a vocal effect that places her at least 50,000 leagues under the sea, warbling about tangerine trees and wasting money on material things. Not too soon after, the tune plunges headfirst into a powerful mix of up-stroked reggae licks and tambourine hits.

It's unclear, but the fractured quality of the happy-go-lucky background vocals might come from a separate ska-tinged number. If anyone can point us in the right direction, please do. If there is an original floating around that's as awesome as Harvey's surprisingly sunny single, these two songs will warm us up all winter.

You can stream "Written on the Forehead" below.

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey