Pixies' Best-Of Compilation Finally Getting Vinyl Release

Pixies' Best-Of Compilation Finally Getting Vinyl Release
When the Pixies reunited for a tour back in 2004, the college rock legends took the opportunity to release a career-spanning best-of set entitled Wave of Mutilation. Now, close to seven years later, 4AD will finally be giving that compilation a vinyl release.

The 23-song set will be released as a double LP on January 17. The first European pressing will be on orange vinyl (as pictured above), while the North American release will be black. It will be packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The compilation features singles and key album tracks, along with two stand-out B-sides, "Into the White" and "Winterlong."

If the Pixies' Minotaur box set was a little to pricey for your budget, this double LP is the next best thing. See the tracklist below and get pre-order information here.

UPDATE: According to the label, it will be importing a "very small quantity" of the British orange vinyl for Canada.

Wave of Mutilation:

Side A:

1. "Bone Machine"

2. "Nimrod's Son"

3. "The Holiday Song"

4. "Caribou"

5. "Broken Face"

6. "Gigantic"

Side B:

1. "Vamos"

2. "Hey"

3. "Monkey Gone to Heaven"

4. "Debaser"

5. "Gouge Away"

6. "Wave of Mutilation"

Side C:

1. "Here Comes Your Man"

2. "Tame"

3. "Where Is My Mind?"

4. "Into the White"

5. "Velouria"

Side D:

1. "Allison"

2. "Dig for Fire"

3. "U-Mass"

4. "Alec Eiffel"

5. "Planet of Sound"

6. "Winterlong"