Pixies "Bagboy" (second video)

Pixies "Bagboy" (second video)
It's a pretty big deal to break a nine-year dry spell for recording new music, so it only makes sense that the Pixies would offer up not one but two music videos for new track "Bagboy." The first was released last month, while the second is available now.

The animated clip was directed by Kestrel Media and includes animation inspired by the art of 4AD album art legend Vaughan Oliver.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Black Francis explained why they allowed two videos for one song:

We didn't set out to have two music videos for 'Bagboy,' but once we saw both of these, we knew we didn't want to use just one. They're so good, so creative, and each in its own way, and both made by up-and-coming filmmakers.… Who says you can't have two videos for a song that show two completely different perspectives? Not us.

Check out the second video for "Bagboy" below.