Pivovar Home

Pivovar Home
Not much is known about New York resident Pivovar, but then, not a whole lot is known about his label King Deluxe either, and that's on our own soil. The Canadian imprint has been steadily putting out under-the-radar gems for a while now. It's run by PK, or Peter Kellogg, a man who, if the King Deluxe website is anything to go by, may be heir to a vast cereal dynasty, hold the Guinness World Record for most survived bear attacks and possess a deep sea habitat.
Regardless, Pivovar's debut release is an aural treat. The five tracks on Home are thoroughly impressive for a first effort, and hopefully point to something even more special down the line. There are a lot of elements going on here, so maybe a more honed sound is to come, but then again, things are also working just fine so far.
At times, Pivovar comes off like a less vocal-orientated and altogether more colourful Machinedrum here. Home is largely operating under the umbrella of footwork, but there's a plethora of styles shimmying in and out of this EP. There are soft piano loops, bass lines that give the impression of alien abduction and even little flickers of Sitar on "Render From Memory"; basically, this is some 8-bit juke we're talking about here. Elsewhere, the title track has wisps of drum'n'bass — mere wisps, mind you; enough get your head moving, but not so much to warrant true association to a genre that is, realistically, very far from Pivovar's music. It also has some delightful synth staircases that tickle the beat along, plus some Teebs-esque serenity too.
We might not know much about Pivovar, but his Home is a great place to start. (King Deluxe)