Pistol Grip The Shots From The Kalico Rose

Lately, there appears to be a resurgence of U- influenced punk rock, circa 1979, and the politics and sounds of yesteryear are new again. Whether the music or socio-political commentary is as relevant today as it was then remains to be seen, however, based solely on punk performance, Pistol Grip kicks major arse. Although thoughts of Stiff Little Fingers, the Adicts, the Clash, the Adverts, or Sham 69 come to mind when listening to Pistol Grip, they've got their own thing going on, completely unique from the rest. Naturally, accompanying the lyrics dealing with class war, religious salvation, anti-censorship, and American-life is some heavy duty Brit-punk worth chanting along to. Furthermore, the addition of keyboards and piano to some of the tracks definitely enhances Pistol Grip's songwriting and retroactive sound. Cheers! (BYO)