Pissing Razors Evolution

Several releases back, Texas's Pissing Razors were an innovative aggro-thrash band that seemed to really be on the verge of something exciting. But man, the albums just keep coming and it's all starting to blur together into a big brew of thick grooves and macho vibes, down-tuned riffs and muscle-bound pummelling. Evolution is an impressive album, as all of their releases have been, but it's just worn so incredibly thin. Taken song by song, some of this album is pretty damn good, but after a few songs, it's just stagnant. Having said that, Pantera fans left scratching their heads wondering about that band's future may find some solace in Evolution. But if previous Pissing efforts left you, uh, dry (huh?), Evolution will only further the ennui. (Spitfire)