Pissed Jeans Returning with Third Album

Pissed Jeans Returning with Third Album
Three albums in, and super-sludgy hardcore crew Pissed Jeans can't contain their bladder issues any longer. According to a barebones post on the Sub Pop site, it appears that the Pennsylvania noise quartet will release their third LP, titled King of Jeans, on August 18.

Other than that, there's very little info. The tracklist suggests the album will be more of the same negativity and creepiness as their previous work, with titles like "Half Idiot," "Dream Smotherer" and "Human Upskirt." Also, thanks to the band's discography page, we have the album's cover, which, as you can see from the photo above, is a simple male arm shot from an angle that makes it look disjointed and unsettling. Exactly what should be expected.

King of Jeans:

1. "False Jesii Part 2"
2. "Half Idiot"
3. "Dream Smotherer"
4. "Pleasure Race"
5. "She Is Science Fiction"
6. "Request for Masseuse"
7. "Human Upskirt"
8. "Lip Ring"
9. "Spent"
10. "R-Rated Movie"
11. "Dominate Yourself"
12. "Goodbye (Hair)"