Pinsky Two for the Road

It's a bit strange for a band to release a deluxe edition of an album that was only originally released two years ago, especially if it's one that most haven't even heard of. In the case of Portland, ME's Pinsky, they're hung up on their Two for the Road EP, and with the heart and passion driving this handful of pop-soaked emo rock, they have every right to be. There isn't a lot of room for new tricks in a genre blended to thick, rich perfection by early Jimmy Eat World or later-day Piebald, but for a first release, the quality of songwriting in the sweeping hooks and seamless dynamics of "Moving On," or the brash assurance in the polished performances of co-vocalists/guitarists Peter Vachon and Jeff Roberts in "I Should Have Known," leaves the EP without any major missteps. Two for the Road was recorded in an apartment, and it sounds like it, and fans of more thoughtful lyricism won't get too into Pinsky's adolescent, lovelorn frame of mind, but appreciators of the inspiring vigour behind their craft won't even notice. (Independent)