Pinker Tones The Million Colour Revolution

One of the arguments against the mighty European Union is that by invisibly removing borders, countries begin to homogenise until gradually their cultures do as well. On The Million Colour Revolution, Barcelona’s the Pinker Tones do nothing to dispel the debate and in fact make an album full of anthems that would suggest EU leaders loosen the ties and do exactly as Europeans have done all along: mix tropical drinks, speak any language as long as you’re talking, and dance the night away. With English, French, German, Spanish, and maybe even Portuguese and Japanese thrown in the mix, the Pinker Tones lay down a groovy soundtrack with a warm musical collage of steamy dance floor rompers, breezy organ-laced numbers, and even some topical lounge tunes — without the stench of sweat and perfume. The Pinker Tones influences do play heavy with "Welcome to TMCR” and Love Tape” channelling soul and funk a little too close to the likes of Midnight Vultures-era Beck; "TMCR Grande Finale” even sounds like an Air outtake. Tackiness is a virtue all over the album, but just like their like-minded musical peers, Los Amigos Invisibles and Plastilina Mosh, the Pinkers have a certain infectious vibe that shows playboys and playgirls really do have more fun. (Wandering Soul/Hazmatic)