Pink Saliva Pink Saliva

Montreal-based trio Pink Saliva produce music that's at once intensely deep and readily accessible. Accessible because drummer Michel F. Côté lays down earthy rhythmic patterns that sound beamed to the planet through a reverb-y, distant mix. Intensely deep because trumpeter Elwood Epps puts so much passion and focus into each and every sound, from kissing lip smacks to achingly beautiful single notes, suspended over the insistent thrumming of Alexandre St. Onge on either bass or laptop. All the musicians are technically ultra-adept, but you won't find displays of ego or pyrotechnic showing-off. Mood and atmosphere are carefully created and sustained with attention to sonic salience. "Amour, Amour, Amour" begins with a lo-fi, rubbery vamp opening into a vulnerable trumpet cry that just stops dramatically. "Eros Turranos" features loose lips and cracking Harmon mute split tones and a reaching bass solo over multivalent drum motifs. This is a highly individualistic take on ambient music that's rewardingly listenable. (&)