Pink Razors Scene Suicide

After recovering from the initial shock you will likely receive from listening to a pop-punk album being released by new kings of chaos, Robotic Empire, chances are good you’ll really dig this short, sweet, and fast release. Busting out Screeching Weasel-style pop-punk with unstoppable energy, Pink Razors’ eight-song EP clocks in at about 12 minutes, barely giving you enough time to pass judgment on their speedy punk rock songs. A few listens, however, find a band whose musical approach, from their songwriting to their vocal delivery, drips sincerity. In the strained melodies of "Dogs In Headlocks,” you can hear singer Jeff Grant (ex-Good Clean Fun and the underrated Stop It!!) pushing himself to his limit, as the rest of the band follow suit, matching his intensity with driving instrumentals that send the song barrelling towards its abrupt conclusion. Finishing off this EP is the acoustic "Burglarized” with enthusiastic strumming that resembles early Against Me!. The promise of great things to come seem doubtless as the band evolves. (Robotic Empire)