Pink Floyd's Original 'The Wall' Paintings Go Up for Sale

Pink Floyd's Original 'The Wall' Paintings Go Up for Sale
The recording console that was instrumental in creating Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon is set to go to auction soon, and now some more of the band's iconic imagery is set to hit the market for superfans to get their hands on.

A number of original paintings created for the 1982 film adaptation of the band's The Wall have been put up for sale by the San Francisco Art Exchange, which is also hosting a major exhibit with the works come July.

Political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe chose 11 of his pieces created for the film, including the recognizable The Scream (seen above), Education for What? and The Teacher. The exhibit will also feature an original illustration tied to "Comfortably Numb," along with Scarfe's take on Pink Floyd's iconic inflatable pig and an original storyboard for The Wall, which is made up of 50 sketches.

The paintings will be featured in an exhibition at SFAE's gallery this July; Scarfe is expected to be in attendance. You can find the works up for sale and viewing here.

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