Pink Anvil Halloween Party

Pink Anvil consist of two members (Paul Barker and Max Brody) of the infamous industrial outfit known as Ministry. In this live recording, they filter various hypnotic drones and nasalisations left rotting in the wind through some awkward devices to create an entertaining and purposely invasive collage of sounds — a scientific aural inner-view, perhaps, of this duo's collective brain. In fact, one might say the audio masterpiece they have created contains the sounds of their duelling cooked brain cells waiting for a synapse — that is, what very few cells remain during those moments of sketching out after years of drudgery and top secret subversive substance intake. Also layered throughout are creepy B-movie-like soundtracks of people screaming, running and panicking, which can also support this "inner-view” theory — but this time projecting from the duo's perspective — which come off suspiciously like drug-fuelled paranoia. Although it is not easy off the bat to suggest monolithic life-changing usages for this record, one could use it perhaps to re-enact the discovery of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, or something to be played loudly in order to ward off the possibility of home invasions. There's a bit of something for everyone. (Ipecac)