Ping Pong Bitches Ping Pong Bitches

Here they come in full riot gear to teach us how to break shit, mess people up and try and show us what Primal Scream's Xtrmntr would sound like if it were made by three lovely ladies. Ping Pong Bitches (Mandy Wong, Emily Hell and Louise Prey) are a mean British trio that like to mix up their genres to create nasty, loud and aggressive anthems. "Beat You Up" is the lead track with the threatening chorus of "Up, up, up, he's my punk, I'll beat you up, up, up." Call it the techno anthem for overprotective, psychotic girlfriends. "Necrophiliac" switches to jungle beats that occasionally loop into a machine gun sound. Probably the best track here is their take on the rock anthem with "Rock Action." Beginning with the same drum beats as a recent Donnas tune, the song is pure glam rock at its harshest, complete with noises from outer space. "Dynamite" is their drum & bass pop song, the closest they come to reaching a MOR sound. The closer, "Chinese Song," is light and innocent. Sung in Chinese, it's a wonderful slice of cheesy electro pop, and an excellent way to close off an album of angry, violent tendencies. Watch out for these Bitches. (Poptones)