Pilot Scott Tracy Any City

Born out of the Causey Way, new wave nostalgists and husband-wife duo Scott and Tracy Cox-Stanton indulge in their electro-punk inklings with Any City. This band has a bizarre attachment to air travel, but they manage to pull it off because their sound is just quirky enough to do it. Pilot Scott Tracy sound like they just stepped out of the ’80s, with a striking resemblance to Devo that can be noticed as soon as the opening track "Human Earthquake” starts bouncing away. That’s not the only obvious ’80s comparison, either. "The Time Has Come” sounds like a hand-me-down of Trio’s "Da Da Da.” And at times, the title track seems to have borrowed a few bars from that Knack’s "My Sharona.” Still, there’s enough of PST’s own touch in each song, and it’s an unbearably catchy, impossibly cool album. Tinges of dance-punk, quavering female vocals, and popped out synths are sure to make PST a band to buzz about. (Alternative Tentacles)