Pigs Gaffe

With the promise of a sophomore full-length bubbling on the horizon to follow-up their gut-wrenching debut, You Ruin Everything, NYC noisemongers Pigs have released a three-song EP, Gaffe, to whet fans' appetites. Featuring Dave Curran (Unsane) on vocals and guitars, Jim Paradise (Player's Club) on drums and Andrew Schneider (producer for Unsane, Converge, Cave In and Keelhaul) on bass, Pigs come from a fine, filthy sludge and noise rock pedigree, which they uphold once again on this groaning, glib collection. Somehow looser, more relaxed and slovenly than You Ruin Everything, Gaffe throbs forward, leaving a glistening trail in its wake. There's great balance in the sound between the raw, visceral and grotesque and the polish of musical showmanship, best embodied on the rolling, rancid "Ello Kiddies." Unexpectedly catchy and characterized by a weirdly appealing, filthy ease, Gaffe may be brief, but there's enough gristle here to catch and hold listeners' attention. (Solar Flare)