Piggy Love Letter to Halifax

Piggy says goodbye to Halifax with this CD, as front-man Paul Gailiunas picks up his pig, cat, social activism and music and makes the move to New Orleans, of all places. Halifax might never be the same, but Gailiunas certainly left his mark, including two Piggy albums that showcase his indie rock big band. Clarinet, flute, sax, trombone and violin complement the traditional guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, giving these joyous pop songs a circus-like buoyancy and that crazy klezmer swing. Tracks range from praises for the old neighbourhood to smashing the system and honouring non-conformity, in all its glory. "Murder at the Pop Explosion" takes a stab at tobacco sponsorship, while the poignant "Homeless Song" features jarringly effective guest vocals by Cynthia Chandler. Kudos should also go to keyboardist Matt Reid, for his great song "Clever Birds," and to cartoonist Marc Bell, for his accurate illustration of the Piggy 'hood on the back cover. Although it's sad to see Piggy go, you know that New Orleans (a city built on social injustice) can only benefit from Gailiunas's presence. (No)