Pigeon Hole 'Chimp Blood' (album stream)

Pigeon Hole'Chimp Blood' (album stream)
Both members of Vancouver's Pigeon Hole are also in the hip-hop collective Sweatshop Union, but Dusty Melo and Marmalade have also found the time to record a new album of their own. Chimp Blood is out on March 5 through Urbnet, and you can stream the whole thing now on Exclaim.ca.

This follows Pigeon Hole's debut LP, 2010's Age Like Astronauts. Chimp Blood is said to boast a heavier, bass-heavy electronic sound, ranging from the manically beat-driven "The Turk" to the dark and dubby "Ice Dicks" to the more laid-back "June."

According to a press release, "Chimp Blood thrashes over a foundation of grimy synths, sampled and chopped over machine gun drum programming, 808s, and massive bass." This adds up to "an epic hybrid of music that will make you feel like you can levitate."

Take a listen below and stay tuned for the official release next week.