Pigeon Funk The Largest Bird in the History of the Planet… Ever!

Pigeon Funk is the demented brainchild of two West coast glitch techno veterans, Sutekh (aka Seth Horvitz) and Kit Clayton (aka Joshua Kit Clayton). Neither of them has displayed much of a sense of humour on record before, though Clayton’s 2002 Ping Pong EP with Safety Scissors comes closest, but on The Largest Bird in the History of the Planet… Ever! they’ve finally released all that pent-up energy. And so this album is poignantly messy as a result, a fistful of brain dance-y beats that wouldn’t have been out of place on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label some five years back. Pigeon Funk are also gleefully schizophrenic, and tracks have a tendency to shift dramatically from beginning to end. The 12 cuts will appeal to those listeners who like their electronic music on the decidedly IDM tip, or those who have been following the zany run of Musique Risquée’s singles for the last few years, where there’s always lots going on for the ears to follow and a good dose of weirdness thrown in for extra laughs. (Musique Risquée)