Pigeon Breeders 'Concrescence' (album stream)

Pigeon Breeders'Concrescence' (album stream)
If you'd like to give your sunny summer a spooky soundtrack, then we've got just the thing for you. Experimental Edmonton trio Pigeon Breeders have a new album called Concrescence due out on August 4 through Calgary label Shaking Box Music, and the whole thing can be streamed ahead of time.

This is Pigeon Breeders' fourth album. Unlike their past releases, which were pieced together from a condensed improv sessions, this material reflects two years' worth of work recorded at various spaces around Edmonton. The resulting nine tracks are made up of unsettling electroacoustic drones, creepy clicking and clanking, and junkyard sound design.

Concrescence will be available in a run of 80 cassettes. Pigeon Breeders will release it with a hometown show in Wunderbar on August 4.