Pietasters =Turbo=

The Pietasters were one of ska’s most popular bands during its late ’90s renaissance, sharing the Hellcat label with other seminal ska bands such as Hepcat, the Slackers and the Gadjits (incidentally, the Slackers and Hepcat also were on MoonSka with the Pietasters before switching to Hellcat). Now in 2002, Hepcat has broken up, the Gadjits play Southern-influenced garage rock and the Pietasters have left the Hellcat label. =Turbo= is the Pietasters first release on Fueled by Ramen and their swing and horn-infused style of ska is back in full effect. The Pietasters also continue to explore the pop tendencies they showcased on Awesome Mixtape #6, creating a swinging poppy style of music that is anchored in ska's backbeat. The band’s more fiery sounds from their early years have largely disappeared but are not completely gone, as witnessed by the hard rocker "Wrong With You.” Overall though, =Turbo= is an upbeat album that will have you nodding your head and snapping your fingers with a goofy smile on your face. (Fueled by Ramen)