Pierson, Parker, Janovitz From A Window: Lost Songs Of Lennon & McCartney

A baffling idea, this: cut new versions of obscure Lennon & McCartney songs originally sold to quickly forgotten artists looking to cash in on the first flash of Beatlemania. An even more baffling trio of perpetrators: British semi-legend Graham Parker; Kate Pierson of the B-52s; and Bill Janovitz of early ’90s also-rans Buffalo Tom. For any serious Beatles fan, this album may be a revelation; most of these 17 tracks have enough to hang new arrangements on, and a few like "It’s For You” and "Woman” (both done by Janovitz in his best Elvis Costello impersonation), could have fit nicely onto Rubber Soul or Revolver. But generally these were tunes the pair knocked off to make a fast buck, so the challenge becomes how to find something meaningful in them. Of course, if one simply forgets that these songs are the throwaways of the greatest pop songwriting team of the past half-century, From A Window is a generally enjoyable power-pop collaboration among three distinctive performers, but otherwise this is an odd exercise in trying to fill McCartney’s and Yoko Ono’s bank accounts even more.