Pierre Labbé Quartet Manivelle

Manivelle is the second album under Pierre Labbé's leadership; it's been six years since he released Risque et Pendule with his six-piece ensemble. Utilizing a pared down quartet featuring a completely different cast of characters, save guitarist Bernard Falaise, Manivelle strides that not so fine line between rock and jazz. Labbé and company come across as confident, world-weary travellers of the musical spectrum, incorporating a number of influences into their brew. Each of the nine tracks leads the group to a different destination, prodding them to explore untamed regions of sound. Labbé, Falaise, drummer Isaiah Ceccarelli and bassist Clinton Ryder are at the top of their game, having found a rare synchronicity. Labbé's compositions are executed with grace, charm and a hint of intrigue. Manivelle is a stunning release from this Quebecois mainstay. (Ambiances Magnétiques)