Pieces The Pieces

Like their Boston cohorts Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield, up-and-coming trio the Pieces mix sweet melodies and classic guitar pop into one tight package. Their self-titled, debut album takes a full, head on approach, featuring boy/girl vocals courtesy of songwriter Vess Ruhtenberg and Canadian Heidi Gluck. Giving nods to Big Star and Raspberries, as well as the riffs of T-Rex, the Pieces breathe new life into their songs by always sounding like they’re enjoying every second of it. Their ability to sound like yesteryear is remarkable. Songs like "Good Question” and "Soda Machine” recall vintage moments from the ’70s, while "Croque Pop” has the Cars written all over it. A fine debut of solid pop rock, The Pieces is a nice and different addition to the current trend of sounding like your uncle’s record collection. (Benchmark)