Pick a Piper "Bechtel Park"

Pick a Piper 'Bechtel Park'
Inspired in no small part by such double-drummer set-ups as Tortoise, Waterloo, Ontario's Pick a Piper have beats for weeks but, more importantly, they transcend tribal stomps with gorgeous textures and vocal melodies in their ambitious exploration of beautiful musical pastiche. Brad Weber has spent considerable time on the road as a touring drummer for Caribou, so it's no surprise that complementing the dreamy, unrelenting rhythms of Dan Snaith has infiltrated work he's completed for Pick a Piper.

Along with Angus Fraser, Dan Roberts, and Clint Scrivener, Weber has a powerful ensemble on his hands that sound airtight live and on their startling new EP. "Bechtel Park" is a shining example of the band's influences (again, here they recall both Caribou and Tortoise) but it also contains some killer grooves and bears the hallmarks of artists with great, adventurous, musical instincts.

You can catch Pick a Piper at the roving Pitter Patter Festival:

5/29 Toronto, ON -€“ Rancho Relaxo
5/30 Brantford, ON -€“ The Ford Plant