Physical Copies

The Artery, Edmonton ON, October 10

Physical CopiesThe Artery, Edmonton ON, October 10
Photo: Heiko Ryll
Edmonton act Physical Copies share two members with the long-playing Shout Out Out Out Out as well as a similar sensibility in having a rock band play catchy, new wave-inflected dance music. To their credit, they played a cover of Sparks' "Mickey Mouse" during their set, with frontman Willie Zimmerman singing the lyrics with gusto while jumping up and down in time.

The members of Physical Copies have also played together in punk bands in the past, and that was evident in songs that were short and immediate. They ended their set with a promise to not play again before recording new material, and a hilarious song featuring a crowd sing-along to the lyrics "another fucking Saturday, surfing on the internet." This coda only lasted so long before quickly devolving into a silly hardcore jam, with the front of the audience throwing themselves into one another and Zimmerman barking the lyrics again in double time, a cheeky way to end a highly engaging performance.
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