'Playboy' Sued for Photo of Paul McCartney's Mullet

'Playboy' Sued for Photo of Paul McCartney's Mullet
Rock'n'roll photographer James Fortune has snapped shots of legends like Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and the Doors, but it's a photo of Paul McCartney that's currently causing him strife.
The photog is suing Playboy for using a photograph of Paul McCartney without his permission. The best part, though? The photo in question is situated in the context of Playboy's 2014 list of "15 Hilariously Awesome Celebrity Mullets."
Fortune is suing for whatever, uh, fortune the bunny-branded site made from the picture of McCartney's groovy 'do.
The gallery has since been removed from the Playboy site, but TMZ is taking their chances by republishing the controversy-starting photo.
Whether permission was granted to use the photo or not, Macca certainly does look "hilariously awesome." Thankfully, he's since moved on to more timely trends like his awesome attempt at the Mannequin Challenge.