Phosphorescent Says Here's to Taking It Easy This Spring

Phosphorescent Says <i>Here's to Taking It Easy</i> This Spring
If you've had the unfortunate luck to live in one of those Canadian cities where it has been mercilessly cold for the last few months, the concept of spring is perhaps the last thing keeping you going at this point. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Phosphorescent feels your pain, and has announced a laid-back new album slated for May.

The record is called Here's to Taking It Easy, and if its contents are as chilled out as its title, it'll be the perfect soundtrack to spending time outside again. A press release calls the album "cosmic American music," likening it to Neil Young's On the Beach and describing it as "a classic that could be from another era, but sounds perfect right here, right now."

Here's to Taking It Easy will be available on May 11 via Dead Oceans. In the meantime, album opener "It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're From Alabama)" can be heard here.

Here's to Taking It Easy:

1. "It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're From Alabama)"

2. "Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)"

3. "We'll Be Here Soon"

4. "The Mermaid Parade"

5. "I Don't Care If There's Cursing"

6. "Tell Me Baby (Have You Had Enough)"

7. "Hej, Me I'm Light"

8. "Heaven, Sittin Down"
9. "Los Angeles"